Welcome <3

Hello everyone!!

I am Yume, one of the maintainers of the ryo_short community. I will mostly be active for this community, because that's somehow my baby. <3 So you will probably read a lot of Ryo-chan stories here. And I hope you will like it.

My journal is open for everyone, but feel free to add me. <3 I love making new friends. Maybe I will make a master post later on. For now there isn't enough stuff for a master post.

I am an addicted Ryo fan, and with that an addicted Kanjani8 fan. <3 Of course I have other fandoms I am in. I am also Kame biased and I totally love Arashi recently. <3

I hope you enjoy your stay here and please watch out the community I run together with ri_n_chan.

Enjoy your stay <3

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