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Yume's dreamland

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The miracle to get together
Title: The miracle to get together
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Tegoshi Yuya
Prompt: Miracle
Rating: R
Summary: When Tegoshi falls in love it's a miracle....
Note: Written for the ryo_short community

1st miracle

Tegoshi realized that he was falling for Ryo. That really was a miracle, because actually he was the last one who recognized that he himself was falling for someone else. Even though many friends knew that he always got someone if he wanted, they also knew that when Tegoshi really fell in love, he’d never realize that on his own.

Now it was different. Tegoshi was totally absent minded when he sat at his table. It was some months ago when he started working in this company. He was curious about his new work. When he got to know the guy who was sitting towards him, the nervousness rose immensely.

“Nishikido Ryo.” The man said and bowed in front of him. This smile…Tegoshi thought. He wasn’t the shy type at all, but these eyes and these smile almost killed him. Tegoshi could feel his mind got blank. He didn’t even know his own name anymore. There he knew it. He was in love.

2nd miracle

Tegoshi never asked someone he felt attracted to out for a date. He was sitting in the office, it was already late at night. He was concentrated on his work and didn’t realize that it already got late.

When he looked up he could see that he was alone in the room – almost alone. The only light was on his desk and the desk towards him. “You are still working, Nishikido-san?”

“Yes. There is so much to do,” The other answered. Ryo stretched his arms and yawned loudly. “But I think I have enough now.”

“Do you want to go for a drink?” Tegoshi’s heart beat faster. It wasn’t exactly a date he asked for, but it was something similar, at least for Tegoshi.

3rd miracle

The end of the so called date was a big surprise for Tegoshi. It was really close to a miracle for Tegoshi. His dates always went same. When he was only interested in a one night thing he got what he wanted, but when he was in love the other let him wait or was totally not interested in him.

So this here was definitely a surprise. Not only that Ryo took him at home, no, now they stood in Ryo’s apartment, kissing each other heatedly. “Stop Ryo.” Tegoshi pushed the other one away.

Ryo blinked at him. “You want to stop?”

“Listen, I think I really like you, and I don’t want to hesitate.” Tegoshi’s cheeks felt hot. He hardly used this sentence, but this time it was really something he wanted that it worked out

Ryo smiled at him. Was this good, was this bad? Tegoshi didn’t knew it in this situation. When Ryo stepped forward to leave a single kiss on his lips Tegoshi knew Ryo agreed to his words. “Bye.” He said and let Tegoshi slip out of the room.

It was a miracle that Tegoshi didn’t sleep with Ryo this night. He really meant a lot to Tegoshi.

4th miracle

The fourth miracle was the biggest miracle Tegoshi had ever experienced. They waited two months before Tegoshi came back to Ryo’s apartment again. This time it was different. This time Tegoshi knew what he wanted. It worked between them, he was sure about it. And he knew that it wasn’t only sex for Ryo.

Both couldn’t stop smiling at work. And slowly they started fearing that the others would realize what was going on between them. They knew it would happen on this evening, and both were nervous about it.

“It’s not the first time I am doing it, but I am totally bouncy about it.” Ryo whispered at Tegoshi during their break. His cheeks flushed, but not because of being embarrassed but because he was totally looking forward to that.

When they met up later in the evening Tegoshi’s miracle became true. When Ryo undressed him skillfully and his hand roamed over Tegoshi’s skin he knew this was a miracle.

When Ryo raised his hips to push into him, Tegoshi could see the stars. He never felt something like this before. “God Ryo, there.” He moaned, his hands clinging on the other one’s back.

They both lied next to each other, breathing heavily to come down from their high. “Amazing,” Ryo breathed out.

“A miracle,” Tegoshi answered. “That hopefully never ends,” Tegoshi added. His smile covered his whole face when Ryo took his hand to stroke over it lovingly.


Yeah....my first fic done. <3 I hope you like it, comments are loved. <3

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Thanks for writing this! Totally made my Christmas to get to read some sweet Ryotego! *w* Hope to read more from you and Merry Xmasuda! ♥

Edited at 2012-12-24 12:34 pm (UTC)

Ahhh thanks sooo much for reading and commenting. <3

Merry X-Mas to you too. :))) I am really glad you liked it, thanks for dropping by. xD

i know this has an R rating but i can't help feeling giggly about the whole thing :3
thanks for writing, and sharing it in the ryotego comm! :)

Ahhh thanks so much for your lovely comment. <3 I am really gladyou liked it. ^^

And you're welcome of course. *hugs*

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